These adorable blankies, from "mint. sweet little things," are made from the softest fabric around--minky!! If you haven't felt minky before, imagine sticking your hand into a bowl of flour--it's that soft!! When my daughter and I have to be separated for periods of time, I'll sleep with her blankie for a couple days so it absorbs my "Mommy smell" (that's what she calls it!!). That way, she's always got my scent with her no matter how far apart we are! Great for baby to take to daycare! Made all the more special personalized with a name or an initial. These blankets also make great sleep mats for kitties or small dogs! I made one for our cat, Patches, when we brought her home from the animal shelter and she was the envy of all her feline buddies!

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.

16" x 16"
Includes embroidery
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