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About Suzi Homemaker

Formerly a Public Information Officer for a municipal government, I left my career after 12 years to move to the country with my husband and raise our children. A rekindled love of sewing sparked a new interest in machine embroidery. Suzi with her youngest daughter.

I have been doing machine embroidery for several years, personalizing and embroidering just about everything in sight--including special blankets, bibs, clothing and other items for my children. Friends often would request that I make special gifts for them to share with their friends and family members--and that's how Suzi Homemaker began!

After the birth of my third child, I purchased a commercial embroidery machine in order to take my small business to the next level! I have received extensive training and have taken many classes in order to ensure my skills are up-to-date and that my personalized gifts are the absolute best quality. The utmost care goes into crafting your special, personalized gift! Please know that I won't sell anything to you that I wouldn't want to give (or receive!) as a gift myself. I hope you will love my creations as much as I’ve loved creating them!

Nothing is more special than a personalized gift!